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Walkabout Hats really are as tough as nails

Great looking Hats for men and women, all 50% off! No promo code needed. Just grab all the Hats you’ve been looking at before this offer ends at Noon, PST, June 30th, 2016.

They're good-looking hats for men and women, and they're functional too. Ranging in style from Head'n Home leather outbacks to Steampunk top hats and No Fly Zone safaris from JB Stetson, these hats are worn by rebels, adventurers, outdoorsmen and freedom seekers alike.

You'll find outrageous hats in our selection, like The Deadwood, a leather top hat trimmed with a beautifully preserved Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake head and snake vertebrae, and when it's a rugged hat guys need to take on their next fishing, camping or rafting trip, The Hawk, with its waterproof brim and cool mesh crown, is a sure bet.

Of course, there's the hat that started it all: The Zephyr, a Head'n Home Australian Outback hat. Made from crushable and waterproof suede, this Down Under hat is lightweight and durable, as ready for adventure as you are.

Whatever your reason for wearing a hat, be it travel, beach, safari or sun protection, or if you just need to add to your collection of Steampunk style and exotic top hats, you'll find only first class hats here, including wide selections from Head'n Home and JB Stetson.

Some of our hats are hand-crafted in the USA and others are handpicked and imported from as far away as Australia. Whatever the style or brand, we at Walkabout Hats take pride in being able to offer the best hats on the market, and hope you love your new hat as much as we do.